The Lady in the Castle

I won’t say which castle inspired me…

“On the topmost tower of the castle where I was, she lied. I found her, housed at hers, alone, contemplative, thoughtful and narcissist.

She was not fully dressed, though she was beautiful and forbidden.

Her sight was penetrating, determined and cruel.

Her skin was brown, her hair was ebony like the forest and her eyes dark painted.

She was, if human or animal, a magical and mortal being at the same time and, certainly, the lady of the castle.

And I fell in love with her and with her secret.

She was an enchanted vision, enticing to my eyes and to whomever dare to put theirs at her.

I unstoppably stared at her and inevitably approached, feeling entirely bewitched by that vision.

“How beautiful!” – Silently my mouth exclaimed.

The lady never realized I was there looking at her.

Instead, she stared at her own image in a small mirror.

The lady was half-naked, wearing nothing but underwear, and her sunny skin melted with the leopard-like fabric of her underclothing.

She then opened her mouth glimpsing powerful white canine teeth.

She was a savage, like a cat from the forest.

I couldn’t help but desiring her, for I was hypnotized by her sight combined to the curbs of her body and her breasts I wanted so much.

The deepness of her black almond-shaped eyes caused me fear because they were penetrating and seemed to entirely bathe on the surface of the mirror at which she looked.

With one of her hands, she held the dagger which she tenderly caressed and with the other one, she brushed her black shiny and straight silky hair falling over her breasts and belly, perfectly sculpted upon her young body.

The woman was not too tall indeed, she was a small person. Nonetheless her exotic beauty was imposing on that context.

It was clear to me that the castle was her very exile for she didn’t belong there.

I wondered what she could possibly be doing in that place.

Alas, so plunged that I was, and never saw the man arriving.

I noticed he was also handsome, though in a coarse way. He held within his hardened and rigid hands a black leather scourge.

As soon as he arrived, she kissed him on the forehead, tenderly and respectful.

She then kneed on his feet whereas he accommodated himself on the divan positioned in the middle of that room. He touched her on the head, rubbing her silky and untangled hair. His touch laid on a white new-born string.

She then laid her head on his lap and so they remained, silently, for awhile.

“I love you!” –  the lady said first.

“So do I.” – he answered.

“Please never leave me.” – she begged.

“Never.” – he confirmed.

Afterwards, the man ordered her to entirely undress and then to turn his back on him.

As it seemed to be usual, the lady obeyed and he whipped her hard.


Then a lot.

Leaning against the wall, she supported each lash which scarred her animal-like body.

Then, waving his head, he indicated the cushions overspreading the floor of that room. There, she laid while, such as a beast, he possessed her.

On the front, on the back, up and down.

While penetrating her, he yelled and sucked her beautiful breasts and her sex.

Then, hardly biting one of her nipples, he wrested it.

Flesh got stuck between his teeth and blood run over his face.

She roared from the pain yet it was not enough to make him stop. And he whipped her again for screaming.

She’d better shut her mouth.

He’d put her there.

She owed him respect.

By the end of everything, she was exhausted. Incapable of getting up, the lady remained prostrated on the floor, mutilated by her lover, mortified by the sex…

She didn’t cry for her plucked nipple wasn’t hurting anymore.

Spitting the pulled-out part of her body on the floor, he then dried his figure, previously wet with saliva, blood and cum.

He then stormed out, passing by the spot where I was without seeing me.

I waited for him to be far so I would run to the lady and help her, for that woman was about to faint.

As soon as she saw me, her eyes didn’t seem surprised at all.

Strongly holding my arms, she deeply stared at me and finally faded.

As the fire of a candle, she extinguished.

There was instant smoke in the air and her beautiful body disappeared not before I could realize, now it was possible to stare closer, that other marks have already scarred her body besides the ones from that day.”

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